Our First Camping Table Cover Set

Our first ever camping table cover set came as a gift from our dearest friends among our circle of camping families. The set was purchased at a local flea market and was made of a heavy duty vinyl material with a cloth backing used for recreational boat covers. It included a table cover, two seat covers and matching carrying case.

We immediately saw the value of this unique present at the moment we placed it on our campsite dining table. The table was instantly transformed from hideously crude and dirty to invitingly clean and comfortable! The stretchy aqua colored fabric eliminated the need for clips and draw strings normally required to (barely!) secure our flimsy camp store purchased plastic table covers. We soon discovered the cover’s cloth backing clung neatly to the table’s surfaces even during a stiff breeze. These delightful benefits lasted over the course of many camping trips thus causing our cover set to become one of the “must have” items on our camping equipment check list.

All these positive qualities led us to think about improvements that would enhance our table cover set. We first realized that having a wider range of color options would allow the cover set to complement the color scheme of other camping equipment such as tents trailers and dishware sets. We also discovered similar table cover sets were nearly impossible to locate in the usual camping equipment stores and other retail outlets and internet sites. Moreover, the idea of creating similar sets ourselves was blocked by our lack of access to the vinyl material, sturdy sewing machines and manufacturing techniques used to produce this unique camping accessory.

Our desire to produce a better product that overcame these obstacles increased as more and more campers visited our campsite and expressed a strong interest in purchasing a cover set like ours. Clearly, we were set on the path of manufacturing and marketing our first camping table cover sets!

Andy Riviere